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Electric Chain Hoist & Jib Crane manufacturer, supplier & dealer in Keral

Electric Chain Hoist

GA Enterprises- distinguished manufacturers, Suppliers and Dealers of electric chain hoist in  KERAL  

Heavy items will continue to possess mass and mass is equal to energy. In the large scale industries, the owners have to avoid accidents at all costs regarding the carrying of any machinery that has a lot of weight. Our COOLIE ELECTRIC HOIST at GA Enterprises has the capacity that is quite enormous by some standards. By this we mean that it can carry a load up to two tons. We are not just the manufacturer or supplier but also the dealer of electric chain hoist in Kerala, India. Have a look at how we continue to wow our customers.

As a producer

We are the most trusted electric chain hoist manufacturer in  Kerala, India that produces COOLIE HOIST of supreme quality. Our chain hoists present the most reliable solution for the problems of material handling. We have standard designs manufactured that are suitable for a wide range of applications. These are heavy duty and are released in the market only after it has conformed to all standards of quality checks. They offer smooth operation and have been designed in a way that they are robust. Our company is certified and thus you are guaranteed assured quality.

As a distributor

When you are at GA enterprises, you are associated with one of the best electric chain hoist suppliers in  Kerala, India. Our COOLIE ELECTRIC HOIST ensures alert handling because of the availability of creep speed. Moreover, we have the chain hoists supplied to every nook and corner in the country, it is subjected to undergo subsequent checks of production at all stages. With our supplies, you are ensured components in the hoists to have precision workmanship that have been designed for high-speed operations. They are thus capable of minimizing losses and also have increased efficiency over the years.

As a dealer

We are an authorized Coolie electric chain hoist dealer in Kerala, India that has been selling uniquely manufactured COOLIE HOIST. This hoist has sufficient number of fins that avoid the motor from getting overheated and the motor is well insulated with F class insulation. It is our functional hoists that have added to our ever-increasing clientele.

Jib Crane


We at GA enterprises have made a mark as distinguished manufacturer, supplier and dealer of jib crane in Kerala. Our company is backed by a very industrious team thus we are always able to produce, supply and sell COOLIE JIB CRANE with a lot of precision. Our column mounted jib cranes are known specifically for sturdy construction and high performance. The clients can easily avail jib cranes in multiple specifications as per the capacity whereby the weight they can carry is up to one to two tons.

As a maker:

We are a jib crane manufacturer in  Kerala, India who holds domain expertise and in-depth knowledge with respect to JIB CRANE. Our unit really assists in the making process and help in entertaining massive as well as urgent requirements. The suitable wall mounted jib crane is usually available for a maximum of three hundred forty degree rotation from one hundred twenty five kilograms capacity to two thousand kilograms capacity. Unique design ensures that the chain runs smoothly. The users using our jib cranes can easily get access to adjusting the brakes.

As a merchandiser:

Our company is a jib crane supplier in  Kerala, India that supplies COOLIE JIB CRANE as one of the most cost-effective solutions that is efficient for carrying loads. Our jib cranes have always delivered astounding performances as they transferred materials from the work zone to another working zone to serve as the auxiliary device for lifting. They are free standing, completely and can be used for a variety of applications in the industries. The range of our jib cranes is about hundred kilogram capacity to two tons.

As a seller:

GA Enterprises is an authorized jib crane dealer in  Kerala, India, of COOLIE JIB CRANE that provides consistent responsiveness and easy rotation. We sell the jib cranes can constantly respond when the loads are being positioned. Over the years, the list of our column mounted jib cranes has only increased, given the wide range of utilities it possesses. It is available in multiple capacities and sellers can buy as per their industrial demand unloading and loading smaller assembly jobs.

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Electric Chain Hoist

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