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Electric Chain Hoist

GA enterprises- Presenting top-notch electric chain hoists

Electric chain hoists have always been considered as the working mule for lifting overhead. We at GA Enterprises are manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of COOLIE ELECTRIC HOIST. Being one of the highly trusted and renowned enterprises in the industry, we offer supreme grade assortment of Coolie electric hoist in Maharashtra India. We have earned the top spot in all the domains of manufacturing, supplying as well as dealing and here is how we championed in every department.

As a maker we produce:

We gained tremendous success in the manufacturing field by producing Electric Chain HOIST that has a capacity of one to two tons. Since the inception of the company, our teams harnessed all their industry experience and responsibility for delivering these electric chain hoists. These hoists have unique guide design for the chain ensuring that it runs smoothly, possesses F class motor insulation and there is availability of creep speed for prudent handling. Being an electric chain hoist manufacturer in Maharashtra India, our teams prioritize on quality and are dedicated towards making quality checks at all stages.

As a merchandiser we supply:

We are an electric chain hoist supplier in Maharashtra India supplying COOLIE ELECTRIC HOIST that ranges from one to two tons. The hoist serves myriad applications of unloading and loading heavy jobs on the machine tools. Prime attributes that make them special is that the electric hoist can serve almost all kinds of industry-automotive works like heat treatment, farms, sugar factories, garages, processing plants for food and foundries. Thus, the electric hoist that is brought forth in the market is guaranteed of sturdy construction and longer life service.

As a dealer we sell:

Our company is an electric chain hoist dealer in Maharashtra India that is the most reputed. This is because meeting smallest specifications for demands of the clients with sheer perfection is our sole prerogative. Thereby, we sell COOLIE HOIST that has chain collector in order to avoid the situation of chain hanging down. Our hoists have brake adjustments that are easily accessible and they can easily be mounted on traveling overhead cranes as well as contour tracks.

Product Features:
  • Unique chain guide design ensures smooth running of chain.
  • Sufficient fins on motor body avoid overheating of the motor.
  • Chain collector to avoid hanging of chain.
  • Creep speed available for careful handling.
  • Motor insulated with F class.
  • Easy access to brake adjustment.
  • All electric chain hoists are subjected to production checks at every stage.
  • Suitable jib crane available for max 340orotation from 125 kg tor 2000 kg capacity.
  • The final inspection includes operational, functional load testing.
  • Fixed Suspension, Manual or Motorised Travel
  • This hoist serves almost every industry-automotive works, foundries, Food, processing plants, garages, sugar Factories, Farms, heat treatment.
  • To load \ unload heavy job on machine tools.Material handling by mounting hoist on jib cranes, overhead traveling cranes, monorails and contour tracs.

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